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  Instructions for possibly infected users

For possibly infected users, we strongly recommend you to protect you data with the following instructions:


1. Stop using the infected computer for online transactions.

2. Request CSC helpdesk to clean up the malicious code from your computer through SRMS or our hotline. For home users, please refer to “Recommendations for Home & Hostel Computers” section on CSC security home page.

3. Contact the online service provider for help and change your password immediately if there is any unauthorized online transaction in your account.

4. Change your NETID password.

5. Scan your computer with Ad-Aware periodically.

  By default CSC has installed Windows Defender and Symantec Anti-Virus for MPI users, and they are both configured to periodically scan your computer and update their definitions database. We still recommend users to install Ad-Aware and manually scan their computer periodically.

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