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  Turnitin is an online anti-plagiarism service available for all teachers in MPI. Turnitin checks uploaded articles/texts against a database of web documents and other uploaded texts.
  Texts or papers submitted to Turnitin will be compared against:

. The Internet

. Papers submitted to Turnitin by other students, including MPI's students and all other universities using the system

. Commercial databases of journal articles and periodicals.

  If your teacher requested you to submit papers to Turnitin and gave you a Class ID number and an enrollment password, you will have to:
  1. Get a Turnitin account
  2. Enroll in a Class
  3. Submit your paper
  4. If you are enrolled in a class by your teachers
  1. Get a Turnitin account:

Go to the Turnitin web site and click on New Users.

Select Student as user type and enter the Class ID and Class Enrollment Password (given to you by your teacher).

Enter your details as they are requested by the system: your MPI email address, choose your own password, pick a secret question, type your answer and enter your name.

Your account will be created after you read and agreed with the agreement.

  When you login in Turnitin, you will be able to see that class.
  2. Enroll in a Class

To enroll in additional classes:

. Click the "enroll in a class" tab on your homepage

. On the next screen, enter the class ID and enrollment password for your class.

. Click submit to enroll in the class and add it to your homepage

  3. Submit your paper

To submit your paper, click on the class name to see a list of the assignments created by the teacher.

. Click the submit icon next to the paper's assignment and select file upload from the submission drop-down menu.

.Enter a title for your submission and locate the paper you want to submit.

. Click submit to upload your paper.

. The submit page will display and you will have to enter your work name and browse your computer to locate and upload the file.

On the following confirmation page choose "Yes" to finalise your submission.

  You may submit work in the following file types: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, plain text, and HTML.
  After the file submission, Turnitin will generate an originality report that indicates an Overall Similarity Index (the % of the text similar to other sources) and detailed information about the % of similar segments of text with links to the sources of each segment.
  You may or may not be able to access the Originality Report, according to teacher's setup.
  4. If you are enrolled by your teachers
  If any of your teachers is using Turnitin and enrolled you in a class, you may receive an email from Turnitin Helpdesk with the subject "You have been added as a student" and the following content:
  "Dear X,

You have been enrolled in the Turnitin class "Experience" by your instructor, Y.

To start using this class, go to and log in using the following temporary information:

Email address:
Password: b69go0dy

Once you log in you will be taken through a step-by-step startup process, and you will also have the chance to change your password and any other personal information. Keep in mind that the temporary password above is case-sensitive: we recommend that you paste it directly into your browser.

Thank you for using Turnitin,

The Turnitin Staff"

  Detailed Information
  . Students Quick Start Guide (PDF file)
  . Students User Guide (PDF file)
  . Students Quick Start Demo (Flash movie)

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