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Quick Guide for new users of Blackboard (students)

Navigating within the course
  After clicking on the course name, the home page of the course will be displayed.

You can access the course content from the following areas:

1. On the Home Page screen, which is the first screen of a course. The Home Page screen is the top level where content is presented.
2. On the Course Content button on the course menu (at left) below Course Tools, or as a drop-down list (by clicking the arrows-down next to Course Content.


 The Course Home Page
  Depending upon the settings chosen by your teacher, sections under Course Tools in the left side menu may include:

Announcements - In this section you may find notices from your teachers regarding course issues.

Assessments - In this area you can access the quizzes. Before starting any quiz, it is important to read the instructions very carefully. After answering any question, remember to Save your answer, before proceeding to the next one. When you are finished, submit the assessment by clicking Finish.

Assignments - This area allows students to upload their own texts, if the teacher has set up any homework, for example.

Calendar - This provides access to an electronic calendar. You can view announcements from your teacher, such as examination dates or assignment deadlines.

Chat - This provides access to chat rooms to communicate in real-time with other users.

Discussions - This area allows users to send messages to an internal forum-like environment, read or reply to other messages.

Learning Modules - This section may contain structured course content, as well as links to other sections of the course.

Mail - This is for private email within the course. Outgoing messages are stored in the Outbox and incoming messages are stored in the Inbox, as in any mail software.

Search - You may use the Search button to locate specific data within the course.

Syllabus - Use this link to check course/teacher information

Web Links - Here you may find links to relevant web sites.

Who's Online - You can use the Who's Online tool to chat in real time with users who are enrolled in any of your courses and logged in to the Blackboard Learning System at the same time you are logged in.

  Items Located Under My Tools:

My Grades - The My Grades screen displays all released grades for your course.

My Progress - The My Progress tool displays a report that includes information about your participation in the course.

Notes - With the Notes tool, you can create notes to use as a reminder or study aid. Notes are private and cannot be viewed by other users.

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