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  Tips for Computer Security
  1. Keep the Operating System updated

Keeping the operating system updated is a very important issue for computer security, because the updates can fix existing security "holes".
CSC has set up an automatic updating process for campus PC's. You may enable this feature on your home computer.


2. Set up a software based firewall


If you use Windows XP, you can enable its built-in firewall: see Microsoft's setup instructions for more information.
You can also install a software-firewall, such as Zone Alarm.
Mac OS X has a built-in firewall. See how to enable this feature.

3. Keep the anti-virus software updated

For the effectiveness of the anti-virus software, it is critical that its virus definitions list is updated - as new types of virus are constantly appearing.
On campus, this updating process is automated. Remember to enable a similar process on your home computer.

  4. Be cautious when opening files from unknown users

Never open mail attachments of doubtful senders. Check the files with the anti-virus software before opening them.

  5. Create backups to prevent data loss

Remember to backup critical data files whenever they are subjected to major changes. See how to backup your files.


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