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  Network Security Policy - No Direct Communications Between Workstations
  In order to strengthen campus network security and to minimise the chances of computer viruses spreading within campus, the Computer Service Centre (CSC) has enforced a higher level of network security policy in the HQ campus network.  

Thus, from March 26, 2006 onwards:
  • . Computer labs, classrooms and wireless network can not access the staff network. Student computers can only access to registered servers for student usage (i.e. Novell, Web & Email servers) and the Internet. Staff may contact the Centre one day in advance for system demonstration that would need to connect from the student network to the staff network.
  • . Direct access from one staff computer to another is blocked.  Staff computers can only access to registered computer servers (i.e. staff information systems, Novell, Web & Mail servers) and the Internet.

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