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  Data Backup
  CSC recommends that you backup your data on a regular basis to prevent eventual losses. In case you loose your data, the recover will be easy and safe from the backup.
  There is no absolute rule to define how regularly you should make a backup. It depends upon the frequency and/or the quality of changes. If you perform major/critical changes on your work, you should immediately create a backup, even if you have done so on the previous day.
  Data Backup in MPI computers
  You can create a backup for your files by using the Novell Netware service or recording the files on a CD.
  Through the file storage service, you can keep a copy of your files in the network, under the personal network U Drive. In this way, you not only have a backup of your work but also you may access it from any computer in the network.
  There is also a free software, SyncBackFreeware, for performing regular backups.
  Data Backup in home/hostel computers

To create a backup in CD we recommend that you use a rewritable one, CD/RW, that will allow to replace the previous versions of the files with the new ones.

  To create your data backup CD you may use the Easy CD Creator software or save the files into the CD through the Direct CD Format utillity.
  If you are not familiar with the procedures for any of these processes, read the instructions for using:

. Easy CD Creator
. Direct CD Format Utility

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