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June 2008
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2008 Summer Projects Plan
by Voyage Io

Summer period is always the best time for CSC to arrange IT related maintenance works. Many installation works have been scheduled for the coming summer period, including but not limited to the following items:

I. Windows AD Migration

. Assist all academic staff and school administrative staff in joining Windows AD

. Migration from Novell Netware to Windows AD platform in all computer labs and classroom computers at the headquarters and School of Health Sciences

. User profile and data migration*

II. Software Installation for New Academic Year

   . Install SPSS network version, Office 2007 and Symantec End Point Protection in all labs and classroom computers

   . Install and upgrade miscellaneous software requested by the schools for new academic year

   . Several selected computers in public lab. A213 will be equipped with the new operating system - Windows Vista

III. Hardware Installation and Upgrade for New Academic Year

   . Upgrade lab. A203 PCs to Core 2 Duo PCs

   . Setup 13 x Mac Pro computers in the Magnification Court Building for establishing the Multimedia and Video Clipping Computer Laboratory

IV. Network Bandwidth Increase

   . Upgrade the Internet broadband bandwidth at the Headquearters from 60Mbps to 80Mbps

   . Upgrade the Internet broadband bandwidth in student hostel (for each individual)

V. Network Device Upgrade

   . Deploy Cisco Wireless Controller to centrally manage all wireless access points and to provide 802.1x & web based authentication

   . Install an enterprise grade IP-KVM switch to allow our system administrator to centrally access and manage the servers and network devices in multiple and remote locations

I am sure users will find these enhancements useful in their daily work, teaching and learning activities.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the headquarters computer labs opening hours in Summer recess (July 1 to August 31) is from 10am to 10pm.  

Wishing all of you a joyful and fruitful summer recess!

* We would like to remind you to backup all your important data before the Summer recess, by using back-up software, copying it to CD's or USB drives.

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