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December 2007
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Network Upgrade
Voyage Io, Computer Service Centre, MPI
In early December, CSC has successfully completed the network upgrade plan to replace the aging network equipment in the Administration Building. In the plan, we deployed a Cisco 6509 switch as network backbone and several Cisco 2960-series switches as the communications closet hub. The upgrade includes establishing redundant fiber & copper links from each communications closet to the core switch.

The expected outcomes of the upgrade plan is to bring the backbone to 10 Gigabit Ethernet ready, and to bring Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) to the end-user's desktop while also creating redundancy at an affordable level. The things we have done so far is the first phase of the e.Campus network upgrade project, the plan is to establish a 10Gb full resiliency campus backbone covering Academic Building, Complex Building, Multsport Pavilion Building, and also the new 18 floor building. And the desired goals are to provide high speed campus network for multimedia application and to ensure our end users never experience unscheduled downtime again.

Teaching with IT

OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) - PISA 2006 Results
The latest OECD PISA report - PISA 2006: Science Competencies for Tomorrow’s World - was released this month. The survey was focused on science and also assessed mathematics and reading of 15-year-olds in the main industrialised countries. Among 57 countries and regions, Macao students ranked in the 17th place in Science, 20th in Reading and 8th in Mathematics. As stated in the key findings: "The top performer in science in PISA 2006 was Finland, followed by Hong Kong-China, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Japan and New Zealand. Australia, the Netherlands, Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Ireland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Macao-China also scored above OECD average." The report on PISA 2006 key findings is available as a PDF file.

MyiCourse allows anyone to create online courses, for free, without having any knowledge of HTML. "We suggest that you start with the Overview course to find out the fundamentals of the system. This short Demo course will show the basic abilities of the system as they relate to text, PDF, audio, video, images and Flash." Registration is simple and only requires an e-mail address and a password.

60 Minute Masters
60 Minute Masters is a free short course providing "subject experts and many others with the skills needed to design engaging, rapid e-learning materials for use in the workplace". The course is based on Moodle and incluides 3 modules: Prepare, Inform, Consolidate. Two versions, with or without audio, are available.

Learning with IT
The Academic Porthole

The site provides "Free access to Higher Education (HE) resources and Open Courseware (OCW) from the Universities and Colleges of the world". It includes an Open Courseware Directory, Higher Education Academic Resources, a News Aggregator (higher education, educational technology, and open educational resources) and registered users may communicate with other registered users and create and edit OCW items.

Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music
e-notes logo The Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music is integrated in
e-notes, a larger directory of learning guides and reference works on Arts, Literature, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Business, etc. The Encyclopedia of Music includes, a dictionary and encyclopedia of musical terms, music theory, and biographical information on composers and musicians with more than 4 400 entries.
A pronunciation dictionary with instant sound, useful for English learners. "Type a word or phrase and hear it spoken back to you. Howjsay is an English pronunciation dictionary that uses recorded sound rather than text-to-speech synthesis. Enter a word or phrase, wait for it to appear on the page in pink, then hover your mouse over the word(s) to hear the pronunciation". Supports both American and British spellings.

IT Usage Tips

Final Paper Time
Microsoft Office Word Team's Blog
A tip for Word 2007. How to use Word 2007 to quickly create MLA or APA style citations.

Read Adobe PDF Files in Your Web Browser Without Any Software
Digital Inspiration
This short article presents some alternatives for opening PDF files without Adobe Reader or any other desktop software.


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