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June 2007
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Upgrade of Classroom PC's in Remote Campuses
Voyage Io, Computer Service Centre, MPI

As part of the Summer projects to enhance the IT environment in MPI, all classroom computers in remote campuses holding curricular programmes (except CFCPE) were upgraded to the latest Core 2 Duo PC's with 15" LCD monitors.

12 computers in the self-study computer laboratory A213 were also upgraded to Core 2 Duo PC's.

Teaching with IT

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
Jane Hart
The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies provides independent advice and guidance on current and emerging tools and technologies for businesses and education". The site provides information about a wide range of resources regarding learning tools and technologies.

Sound Junction
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UK
This site provides an interactive music learning experience through games, musical excerpts, interviews, as well as exam and workshop resources for teachers. The
What can I do on SoundJunction? section provides a comprehensive overview of the site. Other sections include “Explore Music”, “How Music Works”, “Music in Context”, “Composing and remixing” and “Create Music Yourself”.

WebCT Discussions Extractor
E-Learning Tools from Arts ISIT, University of British Columbia
This tool allows teachers or students to export discussions from WebCT for future use in other WebCT courses, "analysis/research, e-portfolios, record-keeping, etc." Just compile and download the messages in Discussions to your hard-disk and upload the compiled discussion text file to this tool.

Learning with IT

English 180
English180 is a free website for learning English providing access to interactive lessons (Basic and Intermediate levels), podcasts, videocasts and allowing users to keep record of their progress. Lessons are based on real-life scenarios "like delivering a presentation or taking a conference call".
For an overview of English 180, have a look at this page:
How It Works.

Getting Started with Excel
Sharon Garrison, The University of Arizona
This tutorial provides a general overview of Excel. It is divided into eight sections, including “Entering and Editing Data”, "Working with Formulas", “Formatting the Worksheet”, and “Creating a Chart” as well as final problem assignments for students practice.

IT Usage Tips

Tips on using PowerPoint features
Presentation Pro
Learn how to add narration to PowerPoint presentations, add audio clips, create online photo albums and other techniques to enhance your presentations.


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