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May 2007
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Summer eCampus Projects
by Colin Lai, Computer Service Centre, MPI

Summer eCampus Projects
Read about the "major Summer projects that will enhance our campus IT environment for the coming academic year in September 2007", regarding classrooms and laboratories equipment, internet access speed, email storage quota, teachers computers and the online learning platform.

Campus Web Security Analysis Report (May 2007)
by Kenny Io, Computer Service Centre, MPI
Data from the first 3 weeks of the Campus Internet Security and Web Content Filtering Service. "From the statistics taken in the last three weeks (April 15 – May 5), the campus web filter system has successfully blocked 28,337 access attempts to security risk websites".

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Email Filtering Service Survey
by Voyage Io, Computer Service Centre, MPI
An online survey regarding users' opinions about the anti-virus and anti-spam email filtering service was conducted during March/April 2007. The survey was answered by 162 (24.6%) of the 657 users (full & part-time academic staff and full-time administrative staff).

Survey Data
Academic Staff
Full-time Administrative Staff
No. of responses:
Academic (Full-time) : '65 / 181 = 35.9%
Academic (Part-time) : '9 / 247 = 3.6%
Valid Count: 74
No. of responses: '88 / 229 = 38.4%
Valid Count: 88

The questions covered three types of issues: the General Email Service, the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Email Service and the Email System Performance. The answers reveal an overall satisfaction with the services provided. Detailed information about the survey's results is presented in this page.
Teaching with IT

YackPack is an online service where teachers can create their classes own space, grade student work, give assignments, discuss topics, answer questions from students in written or spoken form or record conversations.

Learning with IT

BBC - Free Online Brodcast & New Media Courses
Free online "modules and guides originally designed for BBC staff". Modules include Digital Video Usage Guides, Good Shooting Guide: the Basic Principles, Introduction to Video Production, Post Production, Pre-production, Microphones and Sound, Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition) and many more.

Math Teaching and Learning Center
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Course: Math 010 (Beginning Algebra) and Math 110 Guest Courses
The Math Teaching and Learning Center has developed an innovative "hybrid format of online homework, regular in-class sessions, and targeted tutoring" for teaching introductory mathematics. To access two of their courses, "go to the website and LOG IN as a STUDENT using the login name UWStoutMath and the password Guest".

IT Usage Tips

Reduce the File Sizes of Powerpoint Presentations
by Amit Agarwal, Digital Inspiration
How to change the size of a Powerpoint file in an easy way.


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