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  How to backup the mail in Netscape
If you need to create a backup of the mail messages in Netscape Mail, just follow these steps:
1. In Netscape Mail, go to Edit and select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

2. On the Preferences window, click on Advanced and select Cache; then select and copy the location of the Cache Folder.

3. After, close Netscape Mail.
Then, open the
My Computer window and Paste the information into the Address bar and click Go. This will open the Netscape Cache folder. Select the Mail folder to open it.

4. In the Mail folder, select all the items stored there and copy them.

5. Then, open the folder where you want to keep the backup, and paste the Netscape folders into there. This folder may be copied to your personal network U drive or into a CD.

7. If, by any reason, you loose your mail data, you may recover it through this backup:

- close Netscape
- copy the mail files in the backup folder and paste them into the original mail folder of Netscape
- reopen Netscape.

NOTE: all mail created after the backup date will not be recovered.

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