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  Software Copyright Policy
  Copyright Policy
  The Computer Service Centre enforces the use of properly licensed software within the institute.
Copyright Enforcement
  In order to enforce the usage of properly licensed software in campus, the Centre facilitates the following:

. The Centre is responsible for all software purchases for the institute (except purchases funded and managed by the Division of Research & Publications of the Academic Affairs Department). Read the procedures for purchasing software licenses.
. Centre staff would only install properly licensed software for our users on institute owned computers.
. The Centre states clearly that pirate software is not allowed to be installed in any computers owned by the institute.
. The Centre monitors software installation activities and record software asset inventory.
. The Centre assists in the detection / reporting / removal of pirate software identified on institute owned computers.

  Software Licenses
  1. All software licenses purchased by the Computer Service Centre are kept by the Centre for archive.
  2. Software licenses purchased privately by an individual and installed on institute owned computers could be kept by the corresponding individual; however, such licenses should also be reported to the Computer Service Centre for recording.
  3. Users may install properly licensed software themselves, or seek assistance from the Computer Service Centre.
Pirate Software Handling

Pirate software copies once detected should be deleted or uninstalled from institute owned computers either by the corresponding user of the computer or with the assistance of Computer Service Centre’s staff. For assistance, users can contact our helpdesk staff located at room A201 at central campus or by Email ( or by phone (85996- 152) or via the Centre’s service request management system on the web (http://srms).

  2. Once the Computer Service Centre detects pirate software copies installed on institute owned computers, a report will be made to the corresponding school director or head of administrative unit. The corresponding unit should arrange to delete or uninstall the pirate software within one week’s time. Computer Service Centre will check the computer again one week after reporting, and report to top management if pirate software has not been deleted.
  3. In cases where the deletion of pirate software would seriously impact the normal operations of the schools or departments, and the deletion of the pirate software can not be done within one week’s time, users must contact the Computer Service Centre for alternative arrangement (obtain proper licenses).
  4. If users would like to obtain proper licenses for existing pirate software, or purchase newly required software, the corresponding school director or chief of department should justify the usage and submit software purchase request to CSC.
  Copyright Infringement Responsibilities
  Based on the nature of personal computers, users are able to install any software in their computers without the knowledge of other users or control from the Computer Service Centre. Some technology and products may help the Centre to monitor the software installation activities within the campus network, but it would be impossible for the Centre to detect all pirate software installation and usage within campus. The responsibilities and consequences of offending software copyright policy lies with the user of the corresponding computer.

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