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Self-Service Photocopying & Colour Printing Service

Five self-service copiers/printers are placed in Lab. A213 , Lab. N44 and in the Library.  Users can use their “MacauPass” smartcard to make photocopies and to print from the network. 

Moreover, users can send print jobs from Labs A215a and A215b to the printer located at Lab. A213; and from Lab. N43 to the printer located at N44.

The service fees are listed in the following table:



Network Printing

Self-Service Photocopy

B&W A4

MOP 0.2

MOP 0.3

B&W A3

MOP 0.5

MOP 0.5

Colour A4

MOP 3.0

MOP 3.0

Colour A3

MOP 5.0

MOP 5.0

  In addition to the charged network printing service above, some computers labs are equipped with network laser printers for free printing (A4, B&W only).   Students have to login to the system first in order to print.  Students should also bring their own paper for non-charge printing service.

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