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Email Service Suspension Notice

  Notice : 01/2011

Computer Service Centre has scheduled to migrate the student email system to a new system (same as staff mail server) this weekend. The new email system will provide greater email storage space (1GB per student) and a new Webmail user interface. During the migration period, staff and student email services will be temporary unavailable. Users will not be able to read mail or send messages, but can continue to receive new messages.

Service Interruption Period: Jan. 29 (Sat.) 12am to Jan. 31 (Mon.) 8am

Reminder: The following settings will not be migrated to the new system; Students must reconfigure these settings in the new system:

- Email forwarding
- Vacation auto-reply
- e-mail address book in Webmail

Should you have any enquiry regarding the above, please feel free to contact Mr. Simon Fong (Tel: 8599-6231), or Voyage Io (Tel: 8599-6175).

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!






- 電郵轉寄
- 放假自動回覆
- Webmail電郵地址簿




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