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Changing the Computer’s Login Procedure in Computer Labs

  Notice : 09/2011
  Please be informed that the computer’s login procedure in computer labs has been changed recently. Switch on the computer and simply select the language; then you can use the computer immediately (no need to enter NetID and password).


To connect to the network drives (e.g. U:, S:, I:, O:), please click on the icon "Map Network Drive" (see the picture on the left) from the desktop’s right hand side, enter the NetID & password and then you can access the network drives.
  Should you have any enquiry regarding the above changes, please feel free to contact Mr. Joey Fong (Tel: 8599-6152), or Voyage Io (Tel: 85996-175).




如需連接網絡磁碟機(例如U:,S:,I:,O:),請點擊桌面上右方的"Map Network Drive”圖示(見左圖),輸入NetID及密碼便可連接網絡磁碟機。



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