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Computer Labs A213 & A216 Reopening Notice


As the renovation of the 2nd floor corridor and Computer Labs in main campus is basically completed, the self-study lab. A213 and project lab. A216 will be reopened 24 hours a day starting from this Wednesday (Sept. 15, 2010).

In addition, in order to provide better IT teaching facilities, CSC has recently completed the upgrade of all computers in Multimedia Language Labs B301, A302 and A315 to Core 4 Quad computers.



  因應總部二樓A翼電腦室走廊及電腦室的裝修工程已基本完成,電腦自修室A213 及學生項目電腦室 A216將於本星期三(9月15日) 起重新24小時開放使用。

此外,總部三樓多媒體語言電腦室 B301, A302及A315內的電腦亦已於近期全部更換為四核心 (Core 2 Quad)電腦,以提供更優質的電腦教學設施。

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