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Policy Change in “Hand-in” and “Hand-out” Folders

  Notice : 08/2010

Due to the virus outbreak found in our network drives recently, CSC has deployed a new policy for protecting the network folders ”hand-in” and “hand-out”. The new policy prevents file execution (e.g. files with .exe & .com extensions) and prevents files & folders change to hidden on these folders.

In addition, a virus scan engine will be deployed soon for automatic protection of our network drives. After the implementation of the virus scan engine, the chance and risk of network drives being infected by virus will be greatly reduced.

Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact Mr. Kenny Io (Tel: 8599-6248), or send email to


“Hand-in” 及 “Hand-out” 文件夾實施新的保安政策


鑑於近期發現網絡磁碟機有文件夾/檔案被病毒感染的情況,資訊中心已為 “hand-in” 及 “hand-out” 文件夾實施新的保安政策,該政策將不允許直接執行檔案 (如 .exe 及 .com副檔名) 及不允許將文件夾或檔案設定為隱藏 (hidden)。




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