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  Installation of Internet High-Speed Data Link
  Notice Number: 16/21009

On Nov. 8 2009, CSC completed the installation of new fiber-optic Internet high-speed data link. The new data link upgrades the 2Mb/s Internet leased line (for both Macao district and International) to 50Mb/s Macau district and 10Mbp/s International. The data link significantly increases the access speed of Internet services provided by MPI including: eLearning platform, electronic mail services, VPN remote access service, library e-Journal access, and various Institute’s web sites. In addition, all computers in MPI will use the new 50Mb/s symmetric data link to access Macau district networks for replacing the 20 Mb/s asymmetric broadband.

Should there be any queries, please contact Voyage Io (Tel. 85996-175), Kenny Io (Tel. 85996-248) or send email to for further information.

  資訊中心已於11月8日完成互聯網光纖高速數據專線的安裝,安裝後該專線由原來的2Mb/s(包括澳門本地及國際連接)提升至澳門本地網絡連接速度:50Mb/秒,國際網絡連接速度:10Mb/s。專線升級後大大加快了學院提供的互聯網服務的連接速度,包括eLearning網上教學平台、電子郵件服務、VPN服務、圖書館電子期刊及學院各網站等。此外, 學院的電腦連接到澳門本地的互聯網速度亦將使用50Mb/秒的對稱專線以取代原先20Mb/秒的非對稱寬頻。


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