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  Arrangement of Migrating ESS Students and Staff’s Computer Account and Network Storage to Microsoft AD
  Notice Number: 02/2009

In September 2008, CSC has completed the migration of computer accounts and network storage of 5 schools at main campus from Novell NetWare to Microsoft AD (Active Directory). CSC is planning to migrate the computer accounts and network storage of ESS students and staff to the new Windows server in the second semester of 08/09 academic year (February 2, 2009). Arrangements are listed as follows:

2008/1/16 Assist ESS administrative staff to migrate to Microsoft AD, including files/folders migration. During the migration period, the files on the network drives will temporarily be unavailable
2008/1/19 ESS administrative staff start using Microsoft AD for login, network storage and printing
2008/1/19-1/23 Assist ESS academic staff to migrate to Microsoft AD, but still keep Novell NetWare
2008/1/21-1/30 Migrate ESS classroom and lab computers to Microsoft AD and remove Novell NetWare
2008/1/30-2/1 Migrate ESS students and academic’s files/folders stored on Novell NetWare to Windows servers
2008/2/2 ESS students and academic staff start using Microsoft AD for login, network storage and printing
  If you have any enquiry regarding the above migration or encounter any problem after the migration, please feel free to contact Mr. Simon Fong (Tel: 8599-6231) or Mr. Joey Fong (Tel: 8599-6152), or send email to Thank you very much for your kind attention and cooperation in advance.

高等衛生學校學生及教職員之電腦帳戶及網絡儲存空間遷移至新系統(Microsoft AD)之安排
資訊中心已於20089月為總部五所高等學校學生及教職員之電腦帳戶及網絡儲存空間由Novell NetWare遷往至Microsoft AD(Active Directory)系統中。資訊中心現計劃於08/09學年第二學期(2009年2月2日)為高等衛生學校學生和教職員的電腦帳戶及網絡儲存空間遷移至全新的Windows伺服器。具體的工作安排如下所示:
2008/1/16 協助ESS行政人員轉換系統至Microsoft AD,包括檔案/資料夾的遷移。在轉換期間暫時不能使用網絡磁碟機上的文件
2008/1/19 ESS行政人員開始使用Microsoft AD作系統登入、網絡儲存及打印
2008/1/19-1/23 協助ESS的教學人員轉換系統至Microsoft AD,但仍保留Novell NetWare
2008/1/21-1/30 ESS課室及電腦室電腦將轉換系統至Microsoft AD,並且刪除Novell NetWare
2008/1/30-2/1 ESS學生及教學人員存放於Novell NetWare之檔案/資料夾將遷移至Windows服務器
2008/2/2 ESS學生及教學人員開始使用Windows AD作系統登入、網絡儲存 及打印

如果對上述有任何疑問,或在資料遷移後遇到任何問題,請聯絡馮啟文先生(電話:8599-6231)或馮傑文先生(電話:8599-6152),或發送電子郵件至。多謝 閣下對我們工作的配合。


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