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  Training Notice - Blackboard CE6 eLearning System
  Notice Number: 27

Starting from academic year 08/09, CSC has launched the new eLearning plarform "Blackboard Campus Edition (CE6) to replage the aging WebCT Campus Edition 4. In order to allow teachers to get familiar with the new system and to create online courseware, CSC is organising two one-day training courses on Blackboard Learning System CE6:


Date: 2008/10/22 (Mon.), 2008/10/22 (Wed.) or 2008/10/24 (Fri.)
(Final dates for the two courses will be chosen according to the number of interested staff)
Time: 9:30am to 1pm, 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Trainer: Blackboard CE6 Qualified Trainer (HK BeeNet)
Venue: Computer Lab. at Headquarters B301
Max. participants: 15 per class

For more information, please refer to CSC web page:

Interested teacher please click this link to register online on or before October 10.

培訓課程通告 - 網上學習平台Blackboard CE6

從08/09學年開始,資訊中心推出了全新的 Blackboard CE6網上 學習平台以取代舊有的WebCT CE4系統 。為使老師們能熟悉新系統的運作並鼓勵建立網上課程,資訊中心將舉行兩場為期一天的系統培訓課程 :

課 程舉辦日期:  10月20日(星期一) 或 10月22日(星期三) 或10月24日(星 期五)
時 間:早上 9時30分至下午1時,下午2時半至5時半
主 講者: Blackboard CE6專業培訓導師 (香港 BeeNet)
地 點: 總部電腦室 (確實地點待定)
人 數:最多15人一班

詳 情請參閱本中心之網頁:

有興趣參與是次培訓課程的老師,請於10月10日或之前按此連結網上報名 (由於人數有限,先到先得,共將以電郵確認)

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