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Internet Access Bandwidth Upgrade in the Headquarters


With the approval from the Management Board, Computer Service Center has recently completed the upgrade of 3 internet broadband lines from 3Mb to 20 Mb.


In order to enhance the utilisation and efficiency of internet access, CSC has merged these 3 broadband lines into a single 60 Mb Internet access backbone with the adoption of NAT load-balancing technique. After the implementation, the traffic jam or low utilisation issues found on a single broadband line could be resolved and this would also enhance the utilisation and efficiency of these broadband lines.

  It is expected that this upgrade could provide a better internet access environment for our academic, research, teaching and administrative works.
  經本中心的測試,現計劃於2008年5月19日起將此3條20MB寬頻透過動態負載均衡(Load Balancing) 技術建立一條60MB的寬頻供學生、老師和員工共同使用,在提升上網的速度的同時亦希望可 避免因個別寬頻於某些時段閒置或擠塞而未能達至最佳使用率。
  資訊中心希望是次升級能對各使用者 在日常教學、科研和行政工作提供一定程度上的幫助!

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