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  SPSS Network Version Installation
  Notice Number : 020/2008
  Most of the SPSS statistical software used in the institute are installed as a standalone version. As the SPSS software is licensed on an annual subscription basis, re-installation of the software is required every year. In order to make better use of resources, to reduce the workload of software re-installation and to allow more students / staff to use the software, starting from the 08/09 academic year, all the computers in computer labs at headquarters and staff computers with the SPSS software installed (except ESS) will be changed to the SPSS network version. The network version does not count the number of physical computers with the SPSS software installed. However, the total number of computers running the SPSS software concurrently must not exceed the upper limit of the user licenses.

For those staff who are using the SPSS standalone version or would like to use the SPSS software in the coming academic year, please submit a service request via SRMS ( for installation arrangement of the SPSS network version.
  現時學院使用中的SPSS統計軟件大都為單機 (standalone)版本。由於SPSS軟件需按年續期的關係,每一台已安裝SPSS軟件的電腦均需每年重新安裝該軟件一次。為善用資源、減少重裝的工作量並讓更多學生/教職員能使用該軟件,從08/09學年開始,總部所有電腦室及已申請使用SPSS軟件的教職員電腦 (高等衛生學校除外) 將改為安裝SPSS網絡版本。網絡版本不計算已安裝SPSS軟件的電腦數目,但同一時間使用SPSS軟件的電腦總數不可以超過用戶使用權證 (user licenses)的上限。

為此,如已安裝有SPSS單機版或在新學年有需要使用SPSS軟件的教職員,請透過 SRMS (系統提出安裝網絡版的SPSS軟件的申請。

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