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  Windows AD Service Introduction and Special Reminder
  Notice Number: 25

As starting from 08/09 academic year, Windows Active Directory (AD) will be deployed in all PCs of classrooms, computer labs and academic units at Headquarter, CSC has created a Service Introductory web page at

Please notice:

1. Roaming Profile saves your personal settings and preferences (e.g. wallpaper, language preference and browser favorites) giving you consistent look and feel as you move from one computer to another. Roaming profile will be applied to all CSC provided public workstations including all computers in the classrooms and labs. Roaming profile will not be applied to office computers.

2. All the student accounts’ folders and files stored in My Documents and Desktop will be redirected to the network server (including all folders and files stored in local computer at C:\My Documents). The storage locations are U:\My Documents and U:\Desktop respectively. If any teachers found that the My Documents or Desktop folders have been mistakenly redirected to the U: drive on the server, please contact CSC (Ext. 152) for follow-up actions.

  Windows AD之使用介紹及注意事項
  鑑 於 Windows AD 將於08/09新學年開始在總部 所有教學單位、課室及電腦室實施,資訊中心已建立了 Windows AD 使用介紹 (英文版本),詳情請瀏覽本中心網頁:

注意 事項:

1. Roaming Profile 功能使你在不同的電腦上仍享有相同的個人化設定包括牆紙 (Wallpaper)、語言選取和書籤 (Bookmark)等。Roaming Profile 只會套用於所有學院公眾用之 電腦 (課室及電腦室),而不包括辦公室用 的電腦。

2. 學生帳戶中 我的文件 及 桌面 內之所有目錄和文件將會轉移/儲存於伺服器上,儲存位置分別是U:\My Documents和U:\Desktop。如老師發現有我的文件 或 桌面資料夾被錯誤地轉移到伺服器U: 磁碟機,請聯絡資訊中心 (內線152)作出跟進。


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