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  Launch of Blackboard Learning System CE6 (former WebCT CE6)
  Notice Number : 024/2008

Starting on academic year 2008/09, CSC will upgrade the existing elearning platform from WebCT Campus Edition 4 to Blackboard Campus Edition 6 (CE6) for 2008. (WebCT was acquired by Blackboard and WebCT CE6 has been re-branded as Blackboard CE6).


During the first semester, both versions, WebCT CE4 and Blackboard CE6(BbCE6) will be available to ease the transition to BbCE6 and enable teachers to get familiar with the new version.

  Bb CE6 interface is very different from CE4. The main differences are highligted in the following page:
  Teachers who have created courses within WebCT CE4 and wish to export them to BbCE6 should contact CSC by sending email to in order to get assistance in the migration process. Instructions on how to migrate courses from CE4 to CE6 are available at
  We highly recommend that teachers migrate existing courses as early as possible, to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

CSC is planning to provide introductory sessions for new users and training for existing users of CE4.

  推出 Blackboard CE6網上學習平台
  由08/09新學年開始,資訊中心將推出全新的 Blackboard CE6網 上學習平台以取代舊有的WebCT CE4系統 (WebCT已被Blackboard公司收購,因此WebCT CE6已易名為 Blackboard CE6)

在 第一學期,資訊中心將同時提供WebCT CE4 及 Blackboard CE6兩套系統以減少系統轉換時帶來的不 便,同時亦讓老師們能有充份時間去熟悉新系統的運作。

Blackboard CE6系統的用戶介面與目前使用的WebCT CE4系統 有較大的分別,其中主要之分别已在網頁上列出: .

已 曾經在WebCT CE4上建立了課程的老師,如希望將舊有的課程遷移至Blackboard CE6 新系統上,請發送電郵至 以便本中心為課程的遷移作進一步的協助。由CE4遷移課程至CE6的程序亦已刋登於網頁: .

我 們強烈建議老師們盡早將舊有課程遷移至新系統上,以確保有一個順利的過渡至新系統。

資 訊中心現在計劃提供系統講解會予各位有興趣在 CE6平台上建立課程的老師。

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