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  Migration to Microsoft Active Directory - Password Reset and Data Migration Arrangement
  Notice Number : 023/2008
  As announced in May and June’s notices, CSC will deploy Microsoft Active Directory to replace the existing Novell NetWare starting from the 08/09 academic year. All the computers in the labs and classrooms at the Headquarters (except Lab A213 and library lab) will join the Microsoft Active Directory by the end of August. Below is the arrangement about this migration.

1. The passwords of all the students’ NetID computer accounts will be reset to the default (ID card or passport number without any symbol) at 3:00 a.m., Thursday, August 28, 2008. Resetting passwords will affect students’ logins to lab computers, WebMail, SIWeb and SRMS. The passwords of the staff’s NetID computer accounts will not be affected.


2. Starting from Thursday, August 28, 2008, the network drives for all the students and staff of ESA, ESAP, ESCE, ESEFD and ESLT will be hosted on the new Microsoft Windows servers. The files on the Novell NetWare servers will be migrated to the Microsoft Windows servers before that day and this process should be transparent to the users.


3. The data migration for the students and staff of ESS and other units will be performed at a later stage with further notice.


If you have any enquiry regarding the above or encounter any problem after the migration, please feel free to contact Mr. Simon Fong (Tel: 85996-231) or Mr. Joey Fong (Tel: 85996-152), or send email to Thank you very much for your kind attention and cooperation in advance.

Microsoft Active Directory之遷移 —密碼重置及資料遷移之安排
  資訊中心已於5月和6月發出通告,通知從08/09學年開始使用Microsoft Active Directory,代替現時使用的Novell NetWare。在8月底之前,學院總部所有電腦室和課室(除A213電腦室及圖書館電腦室外)的電腦將會連入Microsoft Active Directory。以下是有關該遷移之安排。

1. 在2008年8月28日星期四早上3時,所有學生NetID電腦帳戶的密碼將會重置為預設值(身份證或護照號碼,不包含任何符號)。重置密碼將會影響學生在電腦室電腦、網上電郵、學生資訊網上服務(SIWeb)和綜合服務管理系統(SRMS)的登入。職員的NetID電腦帳戶密碼則不受影響。


2. 從2008年8月28日星期四開始,藝術高等學校、公共行政高等學校、管理科學高等學校、體育暨運動高等學校和語言暨翻譯高等學校的所有學生和教職員的網絡磁碟機將會使用新的Microsoft Windows伺服器存放。Novell NetWare伺服器上的文件將會在該天之前遷移至Microsoft Windows伺服器上,而這個過程用戶是不會察覺到的。


3. 高等衛生學校及其它單位的學生和教職員的資料將會在稍後階段進行遷移,並將另行通知。

  如果對上述有任何疑問,或在資料遷移後遇到任何問題,請聯絡馮啟文先生(電話:85996-231)或馮傑文先生(電話:85996-152),或發送電子郵件至。多謝 閣下對我們工作的配合。

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