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Upgrade to Windows XP, and Office 2003 Notice

  Windows XP & Office 2003 installation in computer labs & classrooms
  In order to standardize the teaching and learning computer platform, the Computer Service Centre (CSC) has planned to install Windows XP Professional and MS Office 2003 for the PCs running in all computer laboratories & classrooms. CSC has already completed such testing and installation in the computer labs A205, A214, N33, CFCPE Lab. 19 & 25 for the 2nd semester, and the rest of the other computer labs and classrooms at HQ are planned to be upgraded during the summer recess of 2006.

Software to be installed:

  • Windows XP Multilingual  (English & Traditional Chinese)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Multilingual (English & Traditional Chinese)
  • Upgrade shareware /freeware to latest (stable) version, e.g. Image Viewer, PDF viewer, Java Compiler, etc.
  • The version of other commercial software will remain unchanged
  • The software list of each computer lab. (before upgrade) can be found at 

Scope of the upgrade:

  • Computer Labs. A202, A203, A211, A213, A307, B301, A315, B301 at HQ
  • PCs at all HQ classrooms
  • PCs in computer labs. & classrooms at remote campuses (ESA, ESS, CFCPE & Bell-Centre)

It is not mandatory for staff to upgrade the OS to XP for this project, however, teachers can decide for themselves whether to upgrade to XP and/or Office 2003 or not, and can submit upgrade service request via http://srms. CSC will then contact the user and schedule the installation during the summer recess accordingly.

  Should you have any concerns or inquiries about the upgrade, please feel free to contact us or send email to

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