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  Computer Worm Alert
  Please be aware that on Friday, February 3, it is expected a computer worm attack . This worm (named "Nyxem.D," "MyWife.E," "Blackmal.E," or "Kama Sutra worm" ) started to spread on January, via email attachments, and it is set up to "awake" on Friday and destroy documents such as Microsoft Office and PDF files on infected PC's.
  The risk for campus computers to be affected by the said virus is low as virus scanning and removal tools have been installed in all campus desktop computers, and also the campus Email gateway, and Emails infected with known viruses would be filtered at the gateway before reaching our users (both in and out-going Emails).
  To protect your computer from being infected, please don't open any email attachment from unknown senders, download the latest virus definitions for the anti-virus software and scan your PC. You may use the MS online service:
Windows Live Safety Center
  To prevent your home computers being affected, please make sure your home computer(s) Windows operating system has installed the latest security related patches from Microsoft:
  And use commercially available or free virus scanning and removal tools, and keep the virus definition file up-to-date (which is becoming a daily routine).
For additional network security reference, please visit:
  If you want to know more about this worm:

E-mail worm bent only on destruction

  CNET FAQ on the Kama Sutra worm

Information Week:
Countdown On For Kama Sutra


Washington Post:
Friday Is D-Day for Computer Worm

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