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  New Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam Service Launching Announcement

CSC is pleased to announce a new anti-virus and anti-spam service will be implemented on Dec. 2, 2006.  The new anti-spam service will significantly reduce the number of spam emails received in MPI email accounts.

  For staff email accounts:

When the emails are identified as suspected spam, instead of delivering them with *****SPAM***** tag in the subject, the new anti-spam service will send a daily summary report with information about those spam emails to users’ inboxes.  The suspected spam emails will be held in a “quarantine” server separately.    If the user found the quarantined email is legitimate email, the user can release it following the instruction in the daily summary report.

The earliest suspected spam emails in the quarantine server will be removed after 21 days, or when the quarantine server exceeds the 5GB storage limit.  The daily summary report will be sent to each user at 6 a.m. on Weekdays

  For student email accounts:
  Due to the volume of students email accounts, suspected spam messages will not be held in the quarantine server but will be delivered with *****SPAM***** tag in the email subject header. Students can simply setup an email filter in the email client or in Webmail to filter such tagged spam emails.   For more information on setting up the email filter, please refer to:
  More information on the new anti-spam service is available at  Should you have further questions, you may contact CSC by sending email to or submit a service request online via SRMS.

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